Sunday, November 17, 2013

Starting Fresh!

Well, as a new chapter of my career in education begins so too should my continued journey in technology in education!  I plan to use this blog as an extension of my various other social media outlets (Twitter: @MrSawchuk) and share some of my resources that I will use in my Grade 3 classroom.  My fellow teaching partners have a Weebly website which I have found to be a very useful and engaging way to communicate with parents and is something that I have begun the first steps in creating my own.  In the meantime, I have utilized the class portal website which is a no-frills application to communicate with parents.  Either way, I know that as long as my communication is continuous, informative and effective, whichever method I choose will be welcomed by the parents!

This week I look forward to all of the fantastic resources for Bullying Awareness Week.  My school has shared some prayer services that I will share with my class and I'm sure will be well received.  I'll be sure to post any useful resources I find on my blog!